MadThread solve this 240 billion problem by offering a completely different approach to utilize over-produce and over-stock. Everyone wins. Merchants, consumers, MadThread, our earth.

MadThread offers next-day delivery, on-the-spot return and receive for women who are extremely pressed for time and desire convenience. For women that have spare time, they are given the option to opt for a wider delivery time slot to help to reduce their carbon footprint.


Shop the smart way

10% of global carbon emissions are due to textile waste - it is the second largest polluter after oil. Retailers and brands over-produce and over-stock this result in $230 billion in discarded/unsold inventory. An average of more than 70% of a women closet remains unused every year.

MadThread is a fashion subscription rental platform that's advocating a sustainable way to shop! Established since June 2018, MadThread customers get to enjoy an endless designer wardrobe on rotation at a flat monthly fee of $79/month.


MadThread's vision is to impact the lives of 50,000 people in Southeast Asia by 2022 with a quality, personalised, sustainable wardrobe, so they can be the best version of themselves.